Sophware CC

Sophware CC is our pure Java API solution for processing Credit Cards.


Sophware CC will enable credit card processing in any Java based application through one of our supported Gateway providers.

Supported Gateways

Our CardKnox integration offers an EMV option using one of CardKnox’s supported terminals.

Our Authorize.Net interface provides your application access to one of the most popular Gateways.


Sophware CC has an intuitive object oriented design for eCommerce transactions. You can integrate your Java based POS or web site to process credit cards with just a few lines of code.

 * JCreditCardInputField is a UI widget that captures the swiped card
JPanel p = new JPanel();
JCreditCardInputField  swipe = new JCreditCardInputField(25);


 * this example captures the credit card from a swipe in the UI widget
 * there are constructors to create credit card using name, number 
 * and exp date as well.
CreditCard cc = swipe.getCreditCard();  

 * Initialize gateway with our client specific gateway keys
Gateway gateway = new AuthorizeNetGateway(LOGIN, TRANS_KEY);
Gateway gateway = new CardKnoxGateway(TRANS_KEY);

 * This example shows our synchronous API option...there are asynch options
 * available for interfacing with external devices....
 * Authorize and Capture a sale with one call....there are also options for
 * auth only, capture, void, credit, refund, etc....
CreditCardTransaction trans = gateway.authCapture(cc,1.00,"Invoice 123");
if (trans.isApproved())